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We all remember the famous quote from Bride Wars, "You don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!"  This 2009 romantic comedy featuring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway shed funny light on the truth that most brides-to-be would do just about anything to wear a Vera Wang wedding gown down the aisle on their BIG day!  Why?  It's simple. Vera Wang is known for balancing modern designs with traditional elegance.  She is arguably the most prominent designer of American bridal wear. Celebrities and socialites have been seen wearing Vera Wang bridal gowns on the biggest day of their lives, and now it is your turn!  We want you to wear the gown of your dreams without breaking your budget!  LUXEredux offers an assortment of Vera Wang wedding gowns at very affordable prices!


Brides, meet Janice!  We have her in Ivory, in a size 10!  Lucky for us (and you), Vera describes her thoughts and ideas for each of her bridal gowns at Vera Unveiled.  

Here is what she has to say about Janice: "Balance is key to this dress, as in all my gowns: I find that before you can really do anything radical with a dress, you need to have a thorough sense of all the different weights and volumes in your layers. It’s a bit like designing a building: that’s why the phrase “architectural” is so often used to describe, for instance, a skirt like this one. Here, the ruffled tulle has been gathered and the organza has been layered in such a way as to create a sense of volume completely without heaviness. It’s almost like smoke, getting darker and denser as it gathers near the ground. Now you see her, now you don’t: the enchantress trails her mysterious allure behind her, in a cloud!"

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Josephine is also at LUXEredux Bridal Boutique! Originally $4,900.00, we have marked her down to just $3,000.00!  She is a size 10 in Ivory!  Here is what Vera has to say about her beautiful creation, Josephine! "I chose a very full A-line skirt for this gown, which fancifully deconstructs the classic formal skirt you’d have in a traditional ballgown. I built the whole thing up from crinkled tulle, layer after layer. It’s carefully arranged so you have layers of a leaf-pleated tulle, which is so fantastic to me: it’s a fabric that wavers perfectly between crispness and organic flow. The layers are folded in and tumbled so they seem to fly away when the bride’s in motion, and they almost open up. There’s no stiffness or structure in the skirt at all: it’s a piece of Degas ballerina here, and with all of the different tones and shadows in the tulle it’s so natural-looking and organic that it’s almost a watercolor. I think this blend of texture and movement came together very well: you almost can’t look at it without getting swept away. It’s always whispering to you! This dress is for the Romanticist bride, who wants to embody that allure and seduction, while drifting in a very ethereal, romantic world." - Vera Unveiled.

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Need more Vera?  Well, we guess that is a silly question - of course you do! :) Take a peek below to see a few more of the wedding gowns we currently have at LUXEredux! 


Do you see a Vera on this blog and just know that it is THE one?  The process from here on out is pretty simple, as we want to make it as easy as possible for you to have the dress of your dreams!  For all of you out-of-state brides, you can simply go to our website to purchase that can't-live-without Vera!  If you have any questions - call us!  We love talking about all of the details of the dress & how perfectly it will look with the vision you have for your wedding day!  614.787.2930!


For all of you Ohio brides, feel free to schedule an appointment with us to try on these beautiful Vera gowns in our quaint boutique in Worthington, Ohio!  You can schedule an appointment at our website LUXEredux Bridal, or simply pick up the phone & call us!  We would love to talk to you about your appointment at LUXEredux!


We love that you love Vera - and we love even more that you found her at such a great deal!  Now you can splurge on that extra layer of cake you really wanted ;) Cheers to being a snazzy shopper!