How to Buy a Wedding Dress Online…The Right Way!

Happy Hump Day Brides! 

We're halfway to the weekend, yay! Hopefully some of you have some exciting plans for Memorial Day weekend! 

So today I want to talk wedding dresses. I know what you're probably thinking, "don't they always talk about wedding dresses, I mean they are a bridal store." But today it's going to be about something that is unique to our store! 

One of the things that LUXEredux Bridal strives to do is make our brides as happy as possible. We want them all to be 100% satisfied with the dress they choose for their big day! We offer all our dresses online, but buying a wedding dress online can be pretty scary! What if it doesn't fit you or what if you end up not liking it when you actually see it in person? Well LUXEredux Bridal has a solution to all those problems! Because we only have two locations (new one opening up in a couple weeks!!), our owner Lindsay decided that she wanted to be able to reach the out of town bride that can't make it into one of our stores, thus creating the idea of "LUXE in a Box". 

LUXE in a Box is a wonderful opportunity for you, the bride, to get wedding gowns delivered right to your doorstep! Oh yeah, you heard that correctly! You can select what wedding dresses you would like to try on and we will ship them to you so you can do so in the comfort of your own home! It's the perfect solution for finding your dream dress, without having to even go anywhere! 

In just these few simple steps you can have your dream dress to go along with your dream wedding! 

1.) First go look through our website at all the gowns we carry. Every dress in our boutique is also available online, so don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything!

2.) Pick three designer gowns that you are just crazy over and you HAVE to try on! If you can’t decide which ones to pick or you have questions about a dress, give us a call! We would love to help you in the process of finding your future wedding gown. 

3.) After you’ve chosen the dresses you want shipped, there’s a flat rate fee of $50.00. That’s it, just $50.00 to safely ship the gowns to you and for you to return the runners up back to us!

4.) Once you have chosen your 3 dresses and pay the $50.00 fee, we’ll pack up the dresses and see them off to the delivery truck!

5.) After a couple days, you’ll receive the wedding gowns and you can try them on right away (I’m sure you’ll be so excited you’ll decide to go with this option) or you can wait until your entourage arrives and have a fashion show with all of them!


6.) If you decide that one of these is “THE DRESS”, yay, congrats!! Just call us up and tell us which dress you chose and you can pay right over the phone!

7.) Say your goodbyes to the 2 other gowns that just didn’t make the cut, return them to the garment bags and ship them back to us using the return postage included in the box. Once that’s all done, pour yourself a glass of some bubbly! Time to celebrate!

Now how awesome would an experience like that be? Not having to go through the hassle of working around your schedule to make an appointment to try on dresses and not having to deal with the pressure of making this decision with a bunch of sales people around you! The best part about all this is that you can make this experience however YOU want it to be! It’s all about you! Nothing seems more perfect than LUXE in a Box! All we want for you brides is to be as happy as can be and we will try our hardest to make that possible! If you love this idea just click here or call our store to purchase your LUXE in a BOX.



LUXEredux Bridal