Morgan's Must Haves: How To Get the Most Out of Your Bridal Experience!

Let's face it, ladies, every bride has dreamt of the day she gets to take all the people who mean the most to her to try on beautiful bridal gowns, in the hopes of saying Y-E-S to that one special dress! We simply want to make sure that each and every bride gets the experience that they deserve, and we are here to help them along in the process. So, let's talk about a few little tricks to ensuring you a wonderful and fulfilling day of bridal shopping!

First, do a little research! 

In our day and age, social media has completely changed the way that we prepare for our wedding. Pinterest is filled with tips, tricks, and DIY's for every type of bride, and we definitely recommend that you take advantage! Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are nothing but helpful when it comes to finding the perfect vendors for all your bridal needs! At LUXE, you can view every gown we have online, so you can come in already prepared for what you may find! It is always good to not only be prepared for the kinds of gowns you want to try on, but also the kind of stores you think you would like to have your experience at. Your consultant should love having photos and ideas thrown out before you start searching for that perfect gown! Any good consultant that cares about their bride will want to make sure they pull you dresses that will make you swoon, and showing them photos will only help your appointment go as smoothly as possible! So Pin your little hearts out!

Second, know your budget, and stick to it! 

Do not be afraid to set a budget for finding your bridal gown! Whether you are a bride wanting to find the perfect dress at a price that won't break the bank, or ready to spend whatever it takes to have the dress of your dreams, be honest and confident in what you are willing to spend. In addition to making sure you know your budget, make sure your guests are also up-to-speed when it comes to allowing them to suggest gowns for you! Your consult should never ever make you feel judged for your budget, and it is their job to make sure your experience is stress-free! 

Third, bring the opinions that are most important!

When you come out in a gown that you love, do you really want that grumpy second cousin that you met one time to tell you that she hates it and completely ruin your moment? Um, no ma'am! When inviting a loved one to join you on this special trip, make sure they will have your best interest at heart and will be nothing short of supportive and loving. We understand that your family and friends are important to you, and we only want to ensure that your experience is filled with tears of joy and not broken hearts! Just remember, YOU are the bride and YOUR opinion is what matters most! 

Fourth, be open and honest with your consultant!

Keep in mind that your bridal consultant is only there to help you make your decision. If you have a dress at another store that you are comparing all other gowns to, do not hesitate to let them know! A good consultant will only take into consideration that you need to find something to top that gown, and if you don't, then that other dress just may be THE dress! And that's OK! Details like this are important, and by keeping them to yourself you may be hindering your consultant from giving you the best experience possible. 

Lastly, trust your gut! If it's the one, then say YES!

When your fiancé proposed to you, was it anything short of magical? You probably got butterflies, huh? It was a perfect day, and the decision was easy. It felt right so you didn't hesitate once. Now, technically, there are other potential fiancés out there. So when they popped the question did you tell them that you love them so very much and they are definitely the one but you just need to check out some other fiancés just to be sure? NO WAY! Because in your gut you knew that this is who you want to spend forever with, and if your gut didn't fail you then it isn't failing you now! So, if it is screaming at you that this is YOUR DRESS, then trust yourself and know that there will always always always be other dresses, but you found the one and it found you.